IMPACT FROM HOME – Silvia Carluccio of InnerMission

Silvia’s project was quite the ingenious spin on your typical street festival.

Where tickets are based on a “good deeds” point system to promote a more sustainable ecological way of living. Her project was nearly completely funded before she even took the stage at the Pitch Pitch event in LA.

Her project and festival campaign was so well executed that she went home with the #ACTFORIMPACT prize from Bank of the west.

(Left) Jess Abran Head Creative Captain at Ulule (Right) Silvia Carluccio of InnerMission and winner of the #ACTOFORIMPACT grant from Bank of the West

Unfortunately due to the current COVID crisis there doesn’t seem to be any festivals in sight for the seeable future. This clearly was quite the hit for Silvia but with her project successfully funded and her contacts in place she still felt optimistic. 

She confessed that she was a serial entrepreneur at heart and always has another grand idea up her sleeve. Catching up with her I realized she had already successfully launched an online cooking class which was already sponsored by renowned chefs worldwide.