Experts Corner: Alexander Forster

Table Of Contents:

00:30 – 01:10 : How did Alexander build the confidence to take the lead on his team?

01:10 – 02:00 : How to wear many hats within the team during these times of COVID19 and how to manage your time with this variety of tasks?

02:00 – 03:00 : How can you test different strategies and learn from them?

03:00 – 04:40 : Some companies have laid off a part of their employees due to the pandemic. What is Alexander’s advice on remaining valuable in the digital sector?

04:40 – 05:55 : Where has Alexander be working on in order to stay ahead of competitors?

05:55 – 07:15 : What should business owners have learned during these time of the pandemic?

07:15 – end : What is Alexander’s advice to the entrepreneurs in this program?