The Experts Corner: Michael Panesis

Welcome to the #SPREADGOOD Experts Corner where we take a deep dive into the minds of some of the experts we have here throughout the #SPREADGOOD program. We’re here to serve you up some knowledge in hopes that you can better your business and excel at your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Table Of Contents:
00:29 – 01:54
Michael’s background and career in academia

01:55 – 04:56
Speaking on the “essence” of entrepreneurship

05:10 – 07:55
Discussing working from home during the pandemic and good habits to adopt for productivity

08:12 – 09:20
How to become better at multitasking as an entrepreneur

09:21 – 11:23
Taking advantage of the time at home for post COVID growth

11:25 – 13:00
Discussing good management and leadership practices